Top 5 MMA Betting Errors

New MMA gamblers often significantly reduce their chance of winning because of the numerous simple errors they make. Beginner gamblers typically aren’t even aware they are making mistakes due to their lack of expertise. To ensure you stay on the path of wagering success, we will show you some of the pitfalls to avoid when placing money on MMA fighters.

Not Practicing Bankroll Management

All seasoned sports gamblers have a designated bankroll. A bankroll is a money that is solely used for gambling, and professional gamblers are very strict with how they manage this cash to ensure they don’t go broke and can always make wagers. We recommend you risk 2% of your bankroll on any single wager as this greatly reduces the chances of you losing everything. If your bankroll suffers a drawdown, you need to reduce your average wager size by the same percentage. For example, if you start with $1000 and an average wager of $20 but then lose some bets and your bankroll is now $800, you need only to risk $16 per wager.

Only Using One Sportsbook

When you place wagers online, you have no excuse not to shop around and set up multiple accounts at different sites. By using multiple sportsbook, you can easily find the best odds for every wager you make. Odds can vary significantly between wagering sites, so you are just giving away money by not always hunting for the best money lines.

The other reason why you need to wager with multiple sportsbooks is bonuses! When you create a new account at a wagering site, they will offer you juicy deposit bonuses to give you extra cash if you deposit. These deals can be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars, so they are worth claiming.

Only Gambling On The UFC

The UFC is by far the biggest combat sports promotion globally and does have the majority of the top fighters in the world. However, this does not mean that it has fights that are worth betting on. In sports betting, often, the major markets have well-adjusted odds, and finding deals is difficult because there is lots of information on the fighters and top handicappers that set the lines for valuable markets. This is why we recommend you explore smaller MMA promotions, as you are more likely to find incorrect odds, which you can take advantage of to win extra cash.

Ignoring Live Betting

Professional MMA gamblers love live gambling, and it isn’t because of the increased thrill! Seasoned gamblers prefer live gambling because there are more opportunities as the odds are dynamic and constantly shifting as the fight goes in different directions. If you have a deep understanding of a particular fighter’s style, you can secure some amazing odds, especially if they are a slow starter and lose a few early rounds. While live betting is filled with amazing profitable spots, it is not for the faint of heart due to the speed with which you need to analyze different wagers. That is why we recommend you start with pre-match wagering first, and then once you understand the basics move to live betting.

Gambling Emotionally

Emotions have destroyed the bankrolls of too many MMA sports bettors, and no doubt, will continue to eat away at bettors’ profits. The best gamblers are cool-headed and are able to make logical decisions irrespective of the money at risk or what happened in their previous bet. If you feel like you are becoming too emotional, you should immediately take a break and cancel all of your bets. You need to be in a strong and positive mindset to make profitable wagers. The last thing you want to do is lose a big wager, become upset, and then start forcing bets to make up your losses. Remember to always stay calm!

Make Your Wager Today!

If you avoid these common MMA wagering mistakes, you will have a much greater shot of becoming a long-term profitable gambler! Find a sportsbook, create an account within minutes and place some wagers now!