How To Wager On MMA Contests?

Mixed Martial Artists features world-class boxers, kickboxers, wrestlers, and grapplers from around the world. These athletes step into the cage to prove which of them is the most powerful. There are MMA events happening worldwide, and most sites let you place a variety of wagers.
Gambling on MMA has the ability to create an amazing surge of adrenaline and have you literally gripping your chair as your favorite fighter does his best to secure the win. In this article, we are going to break down the basics of MMA sports gambling so you can put some cash on athletes immediately!

What Is MMA, And How Does Gambling Work?

MMA is a relatively new combat sport that features two athletes who use various martial arts to control and dominate their opponent. In MMA, athletes are allowed to punch, kick, knee, go for submissions, and wrestle. In this sport, there are champion kickboxers, All-American college wrestlers, and athletes who hold black belts in a range of martial arts, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, and Judo. These fighters put everything on the line in this dangerous and exciting sport in a quest to prove they are the very best. Your goal as an MMA gambler is to figure which fighter is going to win a match or predict a certain thing happening in a contest, such as knockout.

To entice gamblers to wager on MMA events, sportsbooks offer you odds that state how much your pay out is going to be if your wager is correct. These odds also let you know what the sportsbook predicts is going to happen. For example, if you see an athlete is +500 to win, the sportsbook gives them a very small chance of winning. To increase your chance of winning big, you need to find matches that have fantastic odds. There is no point wagering all your cash on a particular athlete to emerge victorious if you get paid peanuts if your pick is correct. The secret to profitable gambling is identifying when the gambling sites get it wrong and offer skewed odds.

All Kinds Of Different MMA Wagers

The amazing thing about MMA sports gambling is the wide range of different options on offer. With so many bets, there are always amazing odds that have the ability to line your pockets!

Match Result

When MMA fans make their first wager, they usually go with a match result bet. In this very simple style of bet, all you need to do is identify which athlete you think will be victorious and place some cash on them. In a typical MMA contest, there will be one fighter who is expected to win and have lower odds, while the other fighter who is expected to come up short will pay out more. It is possible to find fighters who are paying out +300 or more which means if you bet $100, you get $300 in profit. If you decide to place this type of wager, make sure you do some research and watch both athlete’s previous fights to see what kind of form they are in.

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In this interesting style of bet, you are trying to predict how long the fight will last. Don’t worry, you aren’t expected to predict the exact minute the fight will last, instead, the betting site will set a line, and you need to pick the under or over. For example, the typical line for a 3 round fight is 1.5. If you choose the over and the match crosses the halfway mark, you win! When trying to predict the length of a contest, make sure you consider the knockout ratio of each fighter and their cardio.

Method Of Victory

Your goal with this bet is not to pick which fighter will but how they will achieve this victory. In MMA, you have three options: decision, submission, or knockout. We recommend you use historical analysis to see how fighters typically win fights. We like betting on power punches to KO opponents who have been knocked out in the past.

Live And Mobile Betting

You can make MMA wagers directly from your phone and also while the fight is occurring. You can’t beat the level of convenience that mobile betting provides, as you can easily make wagers no matter where you are. The majority of sportsbooks are 100% mobile optimized, and many have dedicated apps for both iOS and Android devices. Live betting also brings in an interesting and fun dynamic as the odds are constantly changing, and you can make different wagers as the momentum of the fight shifts. If you are fast enough, you can secure amazing odds just as the likely outcome of a fight has radically altered!

MMA Sports Wagering Bonuses

Did you know when you sign up for a sportsbook and bet on MMA, you can receive free bets and bonus cash? Betting sites offer a range of bonuses that you can use to win extra money. Common bonuses include:

  • Match – When you deposit, a sportsbook will often match your deposit with bonus cash. For example, if you deposit $200, you will receive an additional $200 in bonus cash.
  • Free Bets – Betting sites will often let you make free bets on particular fights, if you win, you get to keep the cash!
  • Cashback – If you lose an MMA bet, a sportsbook will return a percentage of your losses. Cashback deals ranging from 5% to 15% are common.


Before you sign up to a betting site, make sure you shop around and find the best bonus deals as they can be worth hundreds of dollars!
Now you know the basics of MMA wagering, it is time to track down a sportsbook and place some cash on some fighters. It is best to start with an easy match result wager.