How To Predict MMA Winners

The most common form of MMA bet is a match result wager. With a match result wager, your job is to select which fighter is going to win. This is the most simple form of bet, and every sportsbook offers this market. To turn you into a Mixed Martial Arts betting savants, we are going to share some of our insider tips that you can use today to increase your win percentage.

Look For Hometow in Athletes Who Are Predicted To Lose

When an MMA competitor is competing in front of his or her hometown, they tend to perform above their potential. Due to this boost in their performance, they can often cause some upsets and beat competitors who the sportsbooks think will win. Competitors that tend to do incredibly well in front of their hometown are Japanese martial artists and Brazilians. There is something about these martial artists when they hear that home crowd cheer, they reach another level, not to mention they may also benefit from your local judges. By looking out for this situation, you can secure yourself some great odds such as +300 or more which can really help you boost your bankroll.

Bet On Young Martial Artists Taking On Aging Veterans

In MMA, there is a common scenario where a young, relatively unknown martial artist will take on an established competitor who has built a reputation as a world-class competitor. In this situation, the sportsbook will usually have the veteran fighter as the clear favorite based on their previous performances and the fact that the young fighter hasn’t competed with any high-level athletes. However, sportsbooks often fail to consider that the aging athlete is often riddled with injuries, their motivation is waning as they have been training for so long and that they aren’t ready to handle a young, fast, and super hungry young martial artist who is on the cusp of a breakthrough performance. You should look for young athletes coming out of Brazil that possess high levels of athleticism.

Find A Style Mismatch

There is a saying in MMA, “styles make fights”. This means that competitors’ fighting styles can greatly influence the outcome of a fight. For example, Competitor A may destroy Competitor B but then lose convincingly to Fighter C, which Fighter B took out with no problems. The people setting the odds for MMA events do not always understand this principle and will set odds simply based on the skill level of a fighter, not realizing that skill level is only one factor in the performance of a martial artist. You should look for fights where the martial artist who is predicted to lose has a significant stylistic advantage against the other fighter. For example, if a striker is taking on an All-American wrestler, bet on the wrestler to cause the upset, or if a submission expert is taking on a fighter who has a weak ground defense, place some cash on the BJJ wizard.

Place Money On MMA Athletes With Huge Power

A major reason why MMA has become so popular is because there are so many knockouts. The reason for the high percentage of knockouts is athletes wear very small gloves which have little to no padding. With these small gloves, a fighter can be knocked out by a glancing blow. Due to this, we recommend you find an athlete who is predicted to lose but is a great striker with amazing power. By placing money on this martial artist, you are giving yourself a great chance to win cash as your athlete only needs to land one good punch over the whole match.

Time to Act!

Making profitable MMA bets is no easy task. However, if you follow our advice and stick to betting on hometown athletes, young prospects, big power punches, and martial artists who cause stylistic nightmares for their opponents, you will win. Time to make some bets now!